A Better Investment Approach

The role of DFA Funds in client portfolios

I occasionally receive questions about the role of DFA Funds (Dimensional Fund Advisors) in client portfolios. For over 30 years in the US, and just over 10 years in Canada, DFA has been at the forefront of applying financial science to investment management.  As Myron Scholes, a Nobel laureate … [Read More...]

Managing Your Behaviour

Why you should ignore the financial media if you are a patient, long term investor.

It is no surprise to anyone who knows me that I find very little financial or investment value from the financial media.  I don’t see any entertainment value either. While there are many talented journalists who write valuable and insightful articles, for better or worse the Internet has … [Read More...]

Common Investor Mistakes

Cash is not king: A better investment strategy for your TFSA.

The good news is that Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) are finally garnering wider use, according to a recent study showing that 50% of all Canadians now have a TFSA, up 23% from 2012.* The bad news is that while 68% claimed to be knowledgeable about TFSAs, only 1 in 10 were able to identify the … [Read More...]